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What I Enjoy

Because we’re not physically together, I chose to dive into the world of mental/mind kinks. Yes, I’m able to set tasks for my subs, but I’m not there to see it through.

I’m happy to train your brain instead, and I am very fucking good at it.

Busty FemDom Goddess Fiestry showing off her cleavage to submissive men

This may come in the form of:

  • Mindfuck
  • Mental Conditioning
  • Seduction
  • Obsession
  • ASMR
  • Meditation
  • Mesmerizing

One of my favorite acts of male submission involves cucking a man. Submissive men enjoy my slutty nature, but not in the way that you think.

Cuck caption reads "cock is the most important meal of the day" an animated gif by Female Domme Fiestry

I’m the perfect Domme to show them the true meaning of being cucked. Most often, we roleplay or sext these scenarios, and once I get into my headspace, things become extremely intense. I also create customs and cuck captions when the mood strikes me.

  • Bi Cuck
  • Forced Bi
  • Bi Encouragement
  • Cuck in Chastity
  • Cleanup
  • Humiliating Cucks

Can you resist temptation? I sincerely doubt it. But, don’t worry. I’m very good at keeping secrets. 😉

  • “We shouldn’t be doing this. We’re going to get caught.”
  • “You made me cheat; I couldn’t resist your big tits.”
  • “Your wife found out, so she’s going to fuck me in front of you.”
  • “You would’ve lost everything after she found out, but you already gave it all to me.”

Switching up the roleplay scenario is also hot. I don’t mind being the cheating wife or girlfriend.

I’m a self-proclaimed size queen and curvy Dominant woman. That tiny pecker couldn’t get a squeak out of me, much less a moan. However, I do find the small ones perfect for humiliating, teasing, locking into chastity, and destroying a man’s ego.

Verbal humiliation and humiliating tasks are a big yes.

It’s not just limited to SPH; that’s just my favorite.

Something about an empty-minded man who’s open to my suggestions gets me in the mood.

A good gooner strokes when I tell him, loses the ability to think, and opens his wallet. The best gooners do what they’re told and edge to me for hours.

Many of my gooning slaves start out curious. It’s an interesting word, so it sparks a conversation. Once I tell them, it opens a whole new world of masturbation. Then, our fun begins. <3

  • JOI (Jerk Off Instructions)
  • Big Tit Worship
  • Spanking
  • Erotic Audio
  • Pet Play (NO actual animals)
  • Goddess Worship
  • CEI (Cum Eating Instructions)
  • Wax Play
  • Cum Countdown
  • Orgasm Control
  • Denial
  • Ripoff
  • Most Roleplay
  • Punishment
  • Smothering
  • Foot Fetish
  • Edging
  • Orgasm Denial

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  • Public Adoration
  • Obedience
  • Masculinity
  • Infatuation
  • A “Provider” Mentality
  • Long-Term Subs
  • Generosity
  • Respect
  • A willingness to try new things
Adult content creator Fiestry topless with her tongue out showing cleavage

Dislikes / No’s

  • Ageplay (I don’t mind being called Mommy.)
  • Anything illegal
  • Blackmail / Extortion
  • Breathplay (This can be dangerous to do by yourself, and because I’m online, I can’t watch you to tell if you’re being safe.)
  • If I feel like you’re going through an actual mental health crises, I will not continue.
  • Anal (on me)
  • Exposure Fetish
  • Diapers
  • Bondage without a partner (Also dangerous to do by yourself, I need to be able to see you.)
  • Public Play With Non-Consenting Bystanders

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