If any adult content creators want to optimize their time, use these tips as inspiration. I’m releasing my daily task list for free to help my peers. I hope this inspires you and helps you figure out extra ways to make money.

Before you read, here are the adult sites I’m on: SextPanther, ManyVids, LoyalFans, PornHub, XHamster, FapHouse, Clips4Sale, Twitter, RedGifs, and my personal website. I know that OnlyFans, Reddit, and Fansly are popular; but they melt my poor brain.

I’ll show you the full list first and add explanations to each task below.

My Daily Task List:

  • Log into SextPanther for 30 minutes between 5-7am EST.
  • Message every SextPanther user who’s active.
  • Text new contact adds on SP immediately.
  • Update my SP Explore Page before 8am.
  • Check LoyalFans for messages and likes
  • Tweet “good morning” 7-8am with a picture or video.
  • Like every reply on Twitter.
    • Only reply to buyers.
  • Tweet a poll
  • Engage with 5 top models on Twitter
  • Update ManyVids Feed before 7am.
  • Update MV Feed once every few hours.
  • Comment on ManyVids Community News
  • DM RedGifs Creators for a shoutout
  • 1pm to 4pm, repeat SextPanther
  • 9pm to 11pm, repeat SextPanther
  • Thank fans directly for sales and try to initiate sexting.

My Weekly/Monthly Task List:

  • Mass message fans on SextPanther, LoyalFans, iWantClips, Clips4Sale, and ManyVids
  • Schedule 1 Month’s worth of posts to LoyalFans
  • SEO Research
    • SEO goes into my video descriptions, titles, social media, blog, and website
  • Update my adult content blog
  • DMCA takedowns
  • Upload backlogs of old vids to Clips4Sale, FapHouse, LoyalFans, and iWantClips.
  • Check what’s not selling, and upload that content to PornHub and XHamster.
  • Upload short video previews and lewds to RedGifs.
  • Check what’s selling on ManyVids
  • Check what’s popular on PornHub
  • Participate or vote in the ManyVids Contest
  • Titty Tuesday Threads

I probably missed some things, but this is a general idea of what I do every day, week, and month. As a creator with ADHD, it helps to keep lists like this. If I can help another sex worker get their mind straight, then sharing this is worth it.

This is less solid sex worker advice and more being upfront about my workflow. You’re welcome to take it as advice because these daily habits do keep me productive. However, I can’t confidently say that they’ll be helpful for everyone.

SextPanther Tasks for Online Sex Workers

SextPanther is my top-earning adult site, so I spend the most time on it. Simply logging puts you on their front page, and I’ve noticed that users are most active late at night and in the early morning. One good day on SP can feed you for a month, so don’t count them out.

I don’t wake up early on purpose. That’s just my normal sleep schedule. So, whenever I wake up, I log on to SextPanther and start sexting fans. Because I don’t take video or phone calls, my earnings have been suffering lately; but I’ve been making up for that my producing more content for my Feed.

If you message active users, utilize your explore page, and change up your categories; eventually you’ll get a contact add. From there, it snowballs into a productive day.

Twitter Advice for Adult Content Creators

I focus on Twitter because I’m already spread thin. If I had every social media under the sun, I’d burn out. It’s not the best idea to put all of your eggs into one basket, but I keep it as social proof rather than relying on it for income.

Social proof is what clients use to verify that you’re real and in demand. Lots of buyers like to research before buying from an online sex worker. Therefore, seeing that you’re active social media encourages a potential customer’s trust.

Quick Social Media Tips

Every morning, I say “good morning” with a little update. I always include a video or photo because it boosts engagement. Also, I only reply to buyers because of what I mentioned before. I’m spread thin, and I don’t have time to talk to people who aren’t paying me. (I will also respond to sex workers because I love my community!)

Also, posting polls engages your audience, and you learn new things about them. I try to ask them things that will make my content better for them. Examples:

  • “How long does it take you to find the perfect porn to watch?”
  • “How often do you order custom content vs. premade content?”
  • “Do you jerk off every day?”
  • “Do you prefer sending nudes or receiving them?”

Requesting a Twitter Shoutout From RedGifs Creators

RedGifs loves to engage the adult industry. They even made me their Creator of the Month in September 2022. If you have an account with them, you can request a shoutout on Twitter. Just DM the RedGifs Creator account for your free shoutout.

Shoutouts are a beneficial add to your daily task list because they @ your profile directly. That counts as engagement to the algorithm which makes you seem like less of a bot. The more influence you have across the web, the more social proof, views, and buyers you get.

Titty Tuesday Threads on Twitter for Adult Content Creators

Shoutout to MissBNasty for her Titty Tuesday threads.. She allows adult content creators on her platform to get an extra boost in engagement. Almost every week, I reply to her thread. I get so many likes, followers, and retweets, and honestly, my account probably never would’ve taken off without her. Those shadowbans are brutal for sex workers.

Other creators with Titty Tuesday threads are Hurricane Tori and LuscioussNique.

Daily ManyVids Tasks for Adult Content Creators

ManyVids is another one of my top earning sites. Thankfully, it’s easy to take a short break from MV and still make money. If you wanted to increase your earnings on ManyVids, here are some things that I do for inspiration.

The ManyVids Feed is pretty dry, but some buyers do go there for updates about you. I schedule hourly posts from 11pm to 6am when I’m asleep. Also, I let my viewers know when I’m filming, doing customs, and when to expect fresh content.

When to Upload New Videos on ManyVids

Typically, I upload a new video on ManyVids three times a week. However, the more you create, the more sales you’ll get. It’s important to check what’s popular because people’s favorite categories change month by month. I also check PornHub to see what’s popular around the world.

To keep up with that schedule, I have one filming day where I film four videos. Filming extra content keeps unreleased videos in your library, so burnout won’t catch up with you. In short, if you’re low energy one week, just upload that unreleased video and take some time off.

MV Community Posts

The ManyVids Community admin usually engages the adult community daily. Look for their content on Twitter and their News Feed. Comment on everything to get some extra traffic. You can say something sexy, add a direct link to your page, tell jokes, or whatever else. Simply engage, and benefit from the traffic.

DMCA Takedowns

Because 80% of this blog is client-facing, I’m not going to publicly explain how to do this. You can always contact me with questions if you’re curious.

Quick Safety Tips for Beginner Sex Workers

I wouldn’t feel right posting an advice blog without safety tips. Really, it’s important to keep yourself safe in the adult industry. I’ve heard many horror stories over the years, and I’d hate for someone who reads this to be the victim of one.

I also will not post every safety tip I know. Once again, this blog is mostly client facing, and I don’t want to tip off the wrong people. You can always contact me if you have questions.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to stay safe:

  • Make an alias
  • Create a separate work email.
    • If you’re going to email clients, use an encrypted service like Proton.
  • Download a VPN if you’re going to video call.
  • Turn off meta data in your photos and videos
  • Don’t accept PayPal or Venmo.
    • On the fence about Cashapp, but it’s still not 100% safe.
  • Google your real name, and get them removed from people finder sites.
  • Never open offsite links or log in to sites from a stranger’s link.
  • Set up two factor authentication on every possible adult site.
  • Make a different password for every adult website.
  • Delete or change your name on personal social media.

Did My Daily Task List Help?

I hope this gives you a good idea of my everyday workload. Feel free to take whatever helps you. Basically, if you’ve been struggling with productivity or earnings, perhaps my advice will help.

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