How do you balance quality and quantity content to get the biggest bang for your buck? Adult content creators need to set realistic goals to manage their porn business.

We live in the era of fast content. Billions of porn videos exist online, and it seems impossible to be seen. It’s hard to find a direct (and sex-worker friendly) source for how much porn actually exists, but I mention some data below.

I want to talk about the balance between quality and quantity, and how adult content creators need to master both to make a dent in the porn world.

Keep reading my tips and tricks for adult content creators.

Quality Versus Quantity: How to Game the Oversaturated Adult Industry

All adult content creators have limited time to create and distribute their videos. We aren’t porn-making machines. Despite our jobs, we have lives, hobbies, and other shit to do. On the other hand, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd when we don’t post enough content.

Spending too long on one video means losing revenue to time, but producing lower-quality videos will also hurt your earnings. It’s a double-edged sword.

I’ll review the following tips and tricks to help improve your quality and quantity:

  • Time management
  • Quick video editing
  • Delegating and prioritizing tasks
  • Quick editing tools for adult content creators
  • Time-saving tips and tricks, so you can produce more vids
  • Scheduling and how it affects earnings
  • How the amount of content you post directly affects revenue
  • Easy ways to lengthen your porn and increase quality

My creator advice is meant to inspire you. I only share adult content creator tips based on my personal experiences. If these don’t work for you, it’s not an attack on your person or business.

Now, let’s continue.

Is the Porn Industry Oversaturated?

That buzzword “oversaturated” is my personal pet peeve, but it’s relevant in this case. It feels like an excuse for creators to give up or blame others for their lack of sales. Everyone has a target audience. You just have to sift through the noise to find them.

However, I will say that because of the sheer number of sex workers, it’s not as easy as it used to be. On ManyVids, 100,000+ creators upload their vids. PornHub claims to get 100+ million visits daily and billions of monthly views.  Finally, OnlyFans data points to 2.1 million performers since 2021. 

While I can’t put an exact number on it due to limited data, it’s safe to say that the porn industry is fast-paced. To stand out, combining quantity and quality videos should be a priority. 

Should Adult Content Creators Prioritize Quality Over Quantity?

My personal reasoning videos boils down to oversaturation. There are billions of porn vids available to a fixed number of clients. While the porn industry will probably never die, the market can only handle so much porn.

But, our advantage is that people love to see fresh uploads. They are overwhelmed with the amount of online porn too. When something is new, shiny, never-before-seen, it appeals to customers. We also tend to advertise our new porn vids to oblivion, so it’s more likely to sell.

However, I can’t create so much porn that I burn out or hurt my sales. I take more pride in high quality videos, and I would hate to compromise that. So, my goal was to find a happy medium and share those tips and tricks with my fellow sex workers.

Other creators who create clips are catching on to this strategy too. It depends on your ability to handle the workload and what works for you. 

What Makes Porn Low vs. High-Quality?

The answer is subjective. Some viewers love the amateur feel of a “low quality” video. Others want a full plot and acting with 4k. A niche exists for every market, and you aren’t obligated to do anything outside of your capabilities.

The way that I’d personally define high-quality porn is:

  • Creativity
  • It makes sense with a plot and/or general story.
  • Your look matches the plot.
  • The resolution is 1080p+.
  • You look your best when the camera starts rolling.
  • There’s a beginning, middle, and end.
  • It’s 100% filled with purposeful scenes (to get the viewer off, make them happy, etc.).
  • A generally wide audience would find it sexy, endearing, intriguing, etc.
  • Your acting brings them into your fantasy.

If you have suggestions for this list, leave them in the comments below!

Adult Content Creator Tips for Business Management

If you’ve been in the game for a while, you understand how deep a daily task list goes. We manage social media, adult sites, upload schedules, and dozens of other responsibilities.

My first piece of creator advice is to figure out your most profitable tasks, and prioritize them. Then, figure out how to ease the burden of your most time-consuming tasks.

Scheduling Social Media Posts

Social media is a time-consuming task, and using it to advertise cuts chunks out of your day. First of all, we know it’s addicting. It’s too easy to start scrolling and engaging with the wrong posts, or get into discussions that do not help your NSFW brand.

Before logging into Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc., you can:

  • Schedule social media posts
  • Write every post you’ll use for the week on one day and copy/paste it from your notes.
  • Have a set goal, such as replying to 5 creators or retweeting a handful of posts.
  • Timeblock your scrolling into one or two hours a day at peak times.

A few of day’s worth of scheduling is enough to give you some breathing room for breaks or focusing on other tasks. Focus on that first, and relieve the stress from your daily schedule.

Filming and Editing Tips for Adult Content Creators

Quality sells, but quantity gets you seen. That’s a basic rule I’ve set for myself, and you’re welcome to follow it too. Sadly, you can’t have 100% of both, but here’s a little tip:

The more time you save, the more time spent on quality and quantity.

I film my videos in a way that saves me time, and I want to share my knowledge with other adult content creators. My filming habits are great for quicker editing with a great final product.

For Shorter Videos:

First, I try to film my short videos all in one take. If it’s 3 minutes or under, I simply cut out the parts where I turn my camera on and off. If I do need to cut something out, I make a mental note for that specific video. Most of the time, I stay focused enough for that 3 minutes to get the job done.

For Longer Videos:

If my videos are longer, I skip writing lines. Instead, I come up with what to say on the spot. This is easier if you’re used to camming live or explicit video calls. But, if it’s too hard for you to think of what to say, find other ways to fill the silence with moaning and simple dirty talk.

If I have an afterthought for what I could have said or done, I’ll film it. But, instead of setting my camera back up, I’ll do it handheld or prop my phone against something.

Giving myself signals during shooting to shorten video editing time:

I got this idea from the behind-the-scenes footage in almost every movie. Whatever that thing is called that they use before they say “take one” and clap it. (Just googled it. It’s called a clapboard/slate.) I have my own version of that.

When I make a mistake or want to edit something out during filming, I hold my hand up to the camera and wait a few seconds. If I need time to think or want to cut, I do the same thing. During the editing process, I simply cut that part out instead of rewatching the whole video over and over again.

If I’m efficient with my signals, the entire video should flow perfectly the first time and only time I rewatch it.

Earn More Filming Adult Content With Longer Videos

Plain and simple, you have to charge the right amount to make a decent living. Three dollar content with a 20% to 40% paycut won’t get you anywhere. But, it’s fast and easy to add value by lengthening your videos.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Include slow-motion shots.
  • Film different angles: closeups, wide shots, handheld, etc.
  • Include dialogue to keep it engaging.
  • Show more buildup or foreplay.
  • Create a story with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Cut out your behind-the-scenes and make that into another video to sell.
  • Change outfits or sex toys.
  • Switch from slow-paced to fast-paced, and repeat.

Here’s the idea:

You’re filming the exact same content in a similar amount of time, but the final product comes out longer.

You shouldn’t spend an extra 20 minutes doing any of these things. The point is that you’re adding more to a video, increasing its value, and charging more for it.

An example:

You want to film a 5 minute masturbation video. Instead of getting straight into the sexy bits, you spend time caressing your body, telling your viewer what you’re going to do, and then getting into the juicy bits.

After your main clip, go back and film closeups or different angles. It should be as simple as adjusting your tripod or moving your phone. Voila, your video went from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, and you get to charge more money.

Special Note: I do not suggest adding filler scenes into your vids. Keep it on topic, and stay within the viewer’s expectations. If you’re doing something unexpected, explicitly add that into your product description to warn them.

Brainstorm Your Hottest NSFW Video Ideas

My ADHD brain makes it hard to keep up with work. So, I have to find ways around it. My next adult content creator tip is to let those ideas flow. We are in the business of creativity, after all. Open a notepad, and start writing whatever comes to mind.

I don’t think about whether or not they’ll work in the moment. Instead, I worry about that later and just get it onto paper. Then, when I’m ready to film, I sit down and bring every good idea into my production.

It can be a one-off idea, such as “this specific shot would work really well.” Or, it can be an entire video’s worth of brainstorming. Either way, I let my natural creativity do the work. If you aren’t naturally creative, that’s fine!

Take inspiration from other creators, list them out, and put your unique spin on it. Eventually, you’ll learn what sells from your fans and be able to repeat your success.

Editing Tool Tips Adult Content Creators

I only use three tools to film and edit my adult content. My iPhone camera, the editing software that’s built in to the iPhone Photos App, and inShot. The leniency is yet another timesaver.

1.) Filming

I film with my phone camera.

2.) Editing

On the iPhone Photos App, I color correct, fix my lighting, and slightly sharpen or denoise to add quality to my porn.

(Over time, I’ve noticed that directly editing within iPhone doesn’t destroy my vid’s resolution. Remember, the more you render and compress a vid, the worse the quality gets. That’s why I edit directly in photos instead of an app.)

3.) Cuts, Watermarks, etc.

InShot takes the most time because of rendering. Once the render finished, I simply cut out the parts that I signaled to myself during filming and add my watermark.

I rewatch the video, and if it looks good, I’ll log it to upload later.

How to Save Time and Improve Your Video Quality

Every adult content creator has room to improve. In short, find your weaknesses and play to your strengths.

Do not stress yourself out by fixing every little thing at once, but try to keep a habit of consistent improvement.

1.) Scripting and Pre-Planning Porn

While I come up with my stories and dialogue on the spot, a solid script is good general advice. Because I feel like scripting takes so much time (I have to reread lines a dozen times before I get it right), I skip it. But, I do see how that would help other performers.

When you write a script, leave it for a while. Then, come back to it and see how it can be improved. That’s a good habit I keep when I write.

Basically, it’s easier to add new ideas or find mistakes when your brain gets a fresh take on an old script.

Bonus points if you brainstorm multiple scripts to read later.

2.) Invest in Lighting, Camera Quality, and Post-Production

Everyone suggests lighting and camera quality, but it is solid advice. While I do have a decent lighting setup, most of my magic comes from post production in the iPhone Photos App. If I messed up my lighting or dislike the look of the video, I fix it and continue as usual.

My adult content would have to be unwatchable garbage for me to throw away any footage. If I feel like it’s not worth it to the customer, I’ll simply charge less or add a discount. But, low-quality videos that I thought were trash ended up being my best sellers. Post it anyway, unless you’re genuinely ashamed of it.

3.) Seeking Feedback From Viewers Who Buy Porn

It’s easy to get offended with critique because our bodies are mixed into the equation. But, there’s value in a customer’s opinion. When I have a customer whose opinion I trust more than others (rare), I’ll ask them:

  • What did you like about my porn?
  • What was your favorite part?
  • Which part made you cum?
  • Was there anything you didn’t enjoy?

Special Note: Even if they have an opinion, I make the final decisions. It is my business, and I will not let my audience dictate my every move.

I’ll take what they say with a thanks, but if it’s a ridiculous or nitpicky opinion, I’ll trash it.

Balancing Quality and Quantity Porn: Find the Sweet Spot

Figure out how to measure your available time in a given day. Once again, this falls under time management, but it gets more specific. Ask yourself:

  • How many hours in one day do I have to film my adult content?
  • How much porn can I create in that time?
  • Do I have enough time to edit, or should I dedicate a full day to that?
  • How long will my porn take to upload? (Remember, longer vids equal more upload time!)
  • Is uploading while I sleep or take a break an option?
  • Do I give myself enough breaks or free time?

Did My Tips and Tricks for Filming Porn Inspire You?

I hope you were able to get some value from this article!

In conclusion, I try to share how I make money to help others find their success. At its core, creating takes experimentation. Give yourself room to grow, and you’ll figure out the rest.

Thank you for reading!

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