You won’t find me in the middle of FinDom drama, but you will find me picking apart their arguments. 😉

Something came across my Twitter feed yesterday. It made me think.

As I spend my Christmas relaxing, I had a bit more time to be on social media. So, I’m leaving likes, compliments, and retweets on whatever I enjoy. Then, I came across some ragebait.

She deleted the Tweet before I could screenshot it. Also, I do believe that she gets her followers from clout, so I refuse to directly call her out.

It said something like:

That last statement is what caught my eye. It made questions swirl around in my brain at a mile a minute. All caps, no filter, and this Domme is complaining about new Dommes with no minimum tributes?

Why Did This Tribute Drama Catch My Eye?

There are a few reasons.

One, a minimum tribute puts you in a very specific niche. Choosing to target one group of people and losing millions of potential viewers is not smart for a newbie. Yes, the right guys (and women too!) will find you eventually, but it will take a while.

Some FinDom creators wait weeks (or months?) for that first tribute.

Gift Goddess Fiestry on Wishtender. It is a wishlist site that gives her 100% payout and allows her loyal fans to give her money directly.

Two, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

My curiosity got the best of me. I looked at her Twitter profile, and there it was. A tribute below $50 was in her bio.

This Domme is pressed over less than 3 figures, and that’s interesting to me. (My tone is judgmental and sarcastic if you can’t tell through text.)

On top of that, is she only getting money from tributes? Does she think that that’s the only way to financially Dominate a man? Is she doing entire sessions for $30!? I have so many questions.

Three is the biggest point. It’s the reason why I decided to write this. So, I’ll steer away from Little Miss Minimum Tribute and focus on the important part.

Upfront Payment Is Valid, but not Necessary

This is addressed to Dommes.

If you’re one of my subs, paying is always necessary. *mwah*

Also, I don’t mean perform services without getting payment. Let me break it down.

A potential submissive finds you. They think you’re hot, and they want to serve you. They’ll spend time doing the following things:

If a man wants to impress you, he’ll send you exactly what he thinks will do so. He may even upcharge himself just to make sure. Sadly, the experiences he has with other women will also dictate this. So, the epidemic of chatting for below $50 continues.

That’s not me being bitter about other women’s prices.

That’s me, calling out the average sub and telling them that they need to do better. The experience that you want doesn’t exist for cheap.

Back to my point.

What does he think will impress you?

Then, he sees “$25 minimum tribute”. He has $1000 to spend. You’re a discount opportunity FinDom.

If you tell him “again”, that’s $50. That’s still a discount.

Triple it? That’s $75. Another XXX% off for him.

He just blew his load and saved a ton of money. Good for him! You’re cheating yourself.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having minimum tribute requirements in your bio. Looking down on others for not having one when they make more money than you, though? Yeah, that’s a no.

My Experience Without a Minimum Tribute Requirement

Asking for tributes upfront makes sense to me, but I don’t do it.

I don’t need upfront payment to squeeze money out of a man’s wallet. Most of my subs, finsubs included, approach me and immediately spend. As I’ve said before, financial control is so much hotter than today’s FinDom era looks like.

I do ignore messages that won’t seem fruitful. Those who aren’t interested in learning how to submit properly get no acknowledgement.

About 30% of the time, they realize that they need to give Goddess her offerings and do it. (The other 70%, they either leave me alone or rot in my DM’s forever. I <3 both outcomes.)

Would you like to know how much they send? It’s not anywhere near two figures.

If I had $30 minimum in my bio, they probably would’ve only spend that amount. Instead, they took the initiative to show me that they were serious. That’s so much hotter than being demanding.

The Goddess vs. Bratty Princess Dilemma

I ended up concluding her aggressive post in my head. In my eyes, it was simply a Goddess versus bratty princess dilemma.

She gets what she wants by being demanding. I get what I want effortlessly.

Those are two completely different styles of FinDom. I can’t fault her for believing that her way is the only way.

Was she wrong? Yes.

As she gains more experience, maybe she’ll realize that you don’t have to demand money from weakminded men. They’ll literally just give it to you.

Plus, there are so many kinks that FinDom compliments, and a tribute is not necessary to partake in them.

PNG of Goddess Fiestry censored in an advertisement of her website. She is wearing red lingerie with a glowing red cutout surrounding her.

Does New Testament God demand to be worshipped? (Old Testament is up for debate lol.) No, he simply waits for his subjects to make the right choice. If God were more demanding, he’d have a minimum tribute. 😉

In the same scenario, a Goddess does not have to force submission.

She waits for you to find her. You approach respectfully with offerings in hand. You thank her for the opportunity as she descends from her Divine throne to accept what you’ve given her.

Then, you might be blessed with her presence.

Is it better to be feared rather than loved?

Neither. I prefer to be Worshipped.