On this gigantic world wide web, you made your way to my kinky corner. Hot. Today, I decided to talk about the surprisingly popular SPH dick rate.

Whether you’re a first time sub or very keen on others pointing out your below-average size, you’re in the right place. 

Want 50% off your very first SPH dick rating? Dip your toes into your new fantasy. I promise I’ll go easy on you (NOT!).

Who am I? Call me Fiestry, or Goddess (though Succubus is a better way to describe me).

I’m an adult content creator here to guide your free hand towards your desires. This is a simple article for those new to the kink, curious newbies, or a good refresher for those who love research.

If you have questions or are craving a deep dive into an SPH dick rate topic, leave a comment.

Down the rabbit hole you go. 

What Is an SPH Dick Rate?

SPH stands for small penis humiliation. It’s a power-play dynamic between a submissive male (or penis owner) and his Dom/Domme. My experience with SPH is in the pay-to-play FemDom space, so that’s the knowledge I’ll be drawing from for the rest of this article. 

Here are more sources if you want personal opinions from SPH lovers or how to charge cucks to rate their cocks

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You’ve Been Rejected for Having a Dicklet

Better luck next time!

The Basics: What Does Small Penis Humiliation Fetish Include?

A cock rate is exactly what it sounds like. You subject a beautiful woman to a picture of your… subpar penis, and she rates it. Asking her for small penis humiliation directly is her go-ahead to let loose and figure out what she really thinks.

In short (lol), it depends on the FemDom creator. Here’s what I’ve seen others do, plus what I do in my SPH fetish videos:

  • Size Comparison

Comparing your penis to a bigger, better one. Or, comparing you to small household objects like a lighter, my pinky, or a Roku remote. 

  • Laughing

If it’s just plain tiny, sometimes I can’t help but laugh. Aw, it’s kind of cute! We should give it a nickname, like dicklet, shrimp, or fucking disappointment.

  • Chastity or Pegging

If it’s so little, what’s the point? It’s useless to use it. Lock it up instead. Tiny cocks don’t deserve to cum by stroking, period.  

  • Disgust

I mean, it’s pretty gross. I could literally mistake it for a woman’s clitoris; where’s the rest of it? It actually makes me gag.

  • Exposure

Is it one of the smallest she’s ever seen? Careful, she might send it to her friends, or make you post it on your social media. Something that tiny has to be exposed.

What Is FemDom?

FemDom is short for Female Domination. It’s a power exchange for two people to enjoy with clear consent and boundaries. With the female Domme in control, her partner or client takes a submissive role. It can be a one-off thing between a kinky couple, or it can be an entirely female led relationship

What’s the best way to humiliate a man? Hit him right where it hurts. That’s where SPH comes into play. 

My Journey Into Online FemDom: How I Started Humiliating Small Dick Betas

Goddess Fiestry sitting in her blue chair, in the midst of a verbal humiliation session for a little dick loserDespite accepting my Dominant nature very recently, I belong in FemDom. Services like verbal humiliation and tasks were highly requested in my inbox. But, I never followed through in my early adult content creator years. I thought that I couldn’t be mean to a stranger for no reason.

Oh, how wrong I was. 

I’ve always been straightforward with firm boundaries. You cannot move me if I don’t want to be moved. Though I am a nice person, I am quick to snap if someone pushes me, and I am not a people-pleaser. I love to tell stories, weave fantasies, and bring betas into my sinfully addicting world.

On top of that, submissive men would not stop approaching me. No matter how often I rejected them, hundreds of submissives begged me to do the deed.

A tip with a note from the fan who ordered SPH Rating reads: Thank you so much Goddess for the rating. You giving me a 1 out of 10 is such an appropriate score. I loved the video, you are so gorgeous and your cleavage made...

I suppose they sensed my natural dominance, or maybe they were just stupid and horny men. In truth, I think that they were on to something.

After I met one too many submissive men on SextPanther, I decided to let loose. With practice and research, I offered my first few online sessions and never looked back.

Why Do Submissive Men Get Turned on by SPH?

It seems silly until it doesn’t. As an adult content creator, I learned a valuable lesson. Men are obsessed with their genitalia.

Even if it’s pitiful and laughable, they get turned on when you to talk about it. Because then, at least your focus is on their dicklet… even if it’s for a short while.

If you’re a beta with anything to add, I’d actually love to know why an SPH dick rate appeals to you. Shed some light on the Dommes who love to critique every flaw you have to offer.

Is SPH Body Shaming?

Humiliating a beta comes in a lot of different forms. Sometimes, insulting their body is a part of that. Is it body shaming in the sense of the problematic stigma that men need giant pornstar penises to be valuable? No, but that is part of the fantasy and appeal. 

It’s all about consent. Without a consensual agreement, you cannot consider it a kink or a fetish. Basically, I can’t go up to a random man, tell him that his junk is little, and call that kinky.

Every submissive male who’s ever been humiliated by me understood the pay-to-play FemDom dynamic. Otherwise, why in the world would I rate them?

FAQ: Small Penis Humiliation

1.) Do you need to have a small member to participate in SPH fetish?

This is a common misconception. No, you don’t actually have to be small to enjoy small penis humiliation. It’s about the humiliation itself, not reality.

I have come across some unbelievably tiny cocks, but I’ve also humiliated above-average (huge, honestly) ones as well.

2.) Does having an SPH fetish mean that I’m a cuck, beta, or loser?

Those are simply nicknames and reminders for male submissives. It’s my favorite to tear them down and put them into their place. Refusing to address him by his name and calling him a cuck is sexy.

But, if you don’t resonate with any of those, let your Domme know. Then, give her something that you’d prefer to be called.

3.) Is my penis really that small?

Average penis length for men in the US is around 5.1 inches. Are you under that size? Are you horrible at sex in the most embarrassing way possible? Do you cum quickly? Do you fail to please your partner time and time again? Congrats, beta. 😉

4.) What’s the smallest penis you’ve ever seen?

There was almost no shaft. It was literally just a head. A true clit dick. Yours might be even smaller, though. Show me if you’re brave enough. 

5.) How do I ask the women in my life to humiliate me for fun?

My kneejerk reaction is to say don’t sh… where you eat. If it’s your first time experiencing SPH or being dominated, perhaps ask an experienced person

I’m not telling you to hide your kink. But, I am saying to be cautious and reign in your impulse. If you’re extra concerned about privacy, work, your real-life community, who will find out; I’d wait and iron out those details.

On the other hand, I want to say to be yourself unapologetically. You should! I am, and I’m having the time of my life. If you truly think you’re ready, I can’t stop you; but consider that before you continue.

6.) What should I research before diving into my SPH kink?

Here’s an unofficial list:

  • Safety
  • BDSM (Especially revolving around humiliation)
  • Chastity, denial, subservience, etc.
  • Techniques
  • Aftercare
  • Verbal humiliation vs. tasks and physical actions
  • Try joining some of the many BDSM communities online

Where to Ask a FemDom for an SPH Dick Rate

So many kinky spaces exist on the internet, and it only takes a couple of clicks to find them. LoyalFans is my favorite spot to humble the tiniest of men, but other options include:

  • SextPanther
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • OnlyFans

Order a Rate From Goddess Fiestry

So, you made it this far, beta? Good for you; you’re smart enough to read an article! Now, let’s see if we can use that dwindling brainpower to get you to follow some simple instructions.

Step One: Be willing to sign up for my sites (free), and be payment ready.

Step Two: Go to my dick rating page, and fill the form.

It’s that simple! Talk to you soon.