A dick rating is a 1 – 10 scale that somebody uses to rate a man’s cock. Depending on the person, they may rate your penis based on size, shape, or girth; but everyone’s style is unique.

Ever wondered what your favorite pornstar thinks of your manhood? You’re looking for a dick rating. Many adult performers and amateur content creators know what they are, and they’ll happily rate your dick.

Keep reading to learn how to take the perfect picture for a 10/10 dick rating.

What Is a Dick Rating?

A dick rating is what it sounds like. In short, you send a nude photo, and whoever receives it delivers a score or reaction. It’s a popular service that most adult content creators offer. 

Fiestry with a pink rabbit vibrator in her mouth simulating a blowjob

POV: You Sent Me a 10/10 Dick Pic

Fun Fact!

Cock rates were an original idea invented by Destiny Diaz in 2014. With so many men sending unsolicited nudes and asking for an opinion, she found a way for everyone to be happy.

Almost a decade later, you can ask almost any creator with an OnlyFans, iWantClips, LoyalFans, or other pay-to-play adult site. to do a cock rate. 

Rate My Cock: Paid Services vs. Free

This article is written for men or penis-owners who want advice on how to get a dick rating from a pornstar.

Is it possible to get a free dick rate? Yes. But, I’ve visited these sites myself. There’s a 10/10 chance the person rating you is a man pretending to be a woman. If that’s what you’re into, great! Post to your heart’s (and penis’s) content.

But, if you want to know who’s rating your dick, especially a pornstar whom you admire, expect to pay.

A dick rate is a paid service that many online porn creators offer to their fans.  

The differences in free vs. a paid dick rate may be:

  • A simple 10/10 score vs. a detailed full video 2 to 5 minutes long.
  • A one-sentence text from a stranger vs. a thoughtful piece of content made special for you.
  • A catfish rating your cock vs. a model who you can physically see live, on video, or in an audio message.

If quality doesn’t matter to you, be my guest for a free dick rating. But for those who enjoy a more catered experience, we pornstars, camgirls, phone sex operators, and amateur adult content creators are happy to help.

Know the Different Dick Rate Services

Depending on your taste, you might want a different type of dick rate. For example, submissive men enjoy humiliation and insults. An honest dick rating would be the performer’s true opinion, and so on. 

Before you ask, figure out your preferences. Also, I suggest being aware of the adult services a content creator offers. What if she thinks you want to be humiliated, but you actually wanted an honest rate? Be upfront with your expectations, and buy accordingly.

Basically, don’t ask for something she doesn’t offer and get caught with your pants down. 

Some cock rating categories to ask for:

  • Honest
  • Dirty Talk
  • Encouragement and Praise
  • Humiliation – SPH
  • First Reaction
  • Paragraph vs. a Number Score vs. a Video Rate

How to Take Hot Photos for a 10/10 Dick Rating

Have you ever gotten a bad reaction to your dick pic that hurt your self-esteem? Nine times out of ten, the issue wasn’t your actual junk. It probably had more to do with execution.

Most guys snap a quick picture of their hard cocks and hit deliver. Truthfully, that always gets less than a 6 out of 10 from me. If you’re so proud of that cock, show me the hottest photo I’ve ever seen.

Putting effort into your nudes makes both of us horny, so do everything in your power to get that 10/10 dick rating.

Don’t DM Unwanted Nudes and Expect a Dick Rating

There is a right way to approach adult content creators, and a wrong way. It’s never okay to DM a picture of your cock without consent. If you haven’t tipped an amateur content creator for her time, do not show her pics of your penis.

Sending nudes out of the blue isn’t cool, whether or not they’re a seller. Putting a random nude in my inbox is a surefire way to get blocked forever. Really, don’t be that guy. 

Use Natural Lighting to Enhance Your Dick Photos

First of all, turn off your flash. A flash isn’t flattering against most subjects, especially not skin. The overhead bulb in your room also isn’t the best. Snap photos with natural, warm or white lighting.

Basically, don’t use lights that are too harsh or stark against your skin.

Natural lighting simply looks better. White light is acceptable too if you’re taking pics at night, but natural is best. It’s hard to snap a clear picture in a dark or dim area, so turn on those lights.

There are many angles to choose from. Mostly, consider what turns us women on. Sometimes, less is more. Be a tease, and you might turn us on more than a full on cock photo ever could. 

A tip from a fan on SextPanther to Fiestry "for being the best teacher"

Be Wary of Your Surroundings

The bathroom is hardly a space that makes me horny for more. Seeing a dick pic over the toilet is not sexy. If you need privacy, try the bathtub or shower curtain as a background.

Before using your bathroom mirror for selfies, clean it. It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, but clean is necessary. 

Also, try to avoid messes in the background. For example, piles of laundry and trash distract from the subject. Don’t gross me out. Turn me on instead!

Stand Out With a Unique Dick Pic

I’ll be 100% honest. I love peacocking. Seeing how creative a guy gets for my attention is a silly but true turn on for me. This can be anything from the memes he sends to his hilarious replies under my selfies.

Do something unique to give her something to talk about. Put a little hat on the head or googly eyes on your balls. Write a little note in marker on your stomach for her to read.

I am half joking, half serious; I’d genuinely love to see something like that.

Keep in mind, not all performers have my sense of humor. What’s funny to me might be insulting to others, so read the room! 

Want to make it sexy rather than funny? Send your hard on making a tent in your sweatpants. Or, you can take photos of you hard and glistening after a workout.

Remove that shirt, and show off your body. You want her to see you so badly, so show her. 

Can’t stir up anything unique? Just try some different angles. The traditional male nude (from what I’ve seen) is top-down POV, which gets boring. Switch up your angles.

Really, it needs experimenting, but you’ll find your flattering angles with some trial and error. 

Fun Dick Pic Angles to Try:

  • Rather than the top-down POV, try bottom-up (think from the floor up, standing over the camera) to show off your length.
  • Take a short video, and do a sexy reveal as you take off your underwear.
  • Get the rest of your body in the picture; show it all off.
  • Compare it to something, like an iPhone or a water bottle (hydration is sexy). 

Should You Show the Balls; What About Pubes?

These opinions depend on the adult content creator. You won’t know until you find out, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Overall, be sure to include everything to get the best dick rating. Try adding a note for her that you do expect certain parts to be factored into the score. 

If you’re worried about her reaction, scroll her social media, or ask. 

Personally, I love body hair. Clean shaven bodies aren’t my cup of tea. Happy trails and thick pubes get me going. However, adult content creators aren’t one-size-fits-all. Others might not say the same; it’s all a matter of taste.

Ready for Your 10/10 Score? Buy a Dick Rating Below

If you take my advice, there’s a good chance you’ll get you a good dick rating score. Did my porn make you hard? Show me. 😉