Not everybody is brave enough to share their naughty kinks and fetishes face to face. So, what’s the next best thing? Premium sexting sites are the perfect, anonymous way to find a sexting partner fast.
Sending a dirty text is the best way to communicate your sexual desires.
Who doesn’t love sexting? It’s surprisingly intimate, passes the time when you’re bored, and you get to dive deep into a fantasy. You get to explore yourselves and each other without the full pressure of a sexual encounter.
There are plenty of websites to look for a quick dirty chat. But the top premium sexting sites for men include:
– Jerkmate
– OnlyFans
– SextPanther
– Arousr
– Free Cams (Chaturbate, StripChat, Streamate)

The Benefits of Free vs. Paid Sexting

A lot of men turn up their noses at the thought of paying. That’s valid! You want to feel desirable enough for women to want you without your money involved. 

But, I want to emphasize that it’s not about desire, or your levels of attractiveness, or you as a person. The benefits of free vs. paid sexting are simple when you put it in the right perspective.


  • You want somebody to text *now*.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have a partner, it’s hard to find women to sext. You have to hop on Tinder, Bumble, or any other dating site; go through that nightmare; and when you finally get a match, she’s not down for anything immediate.

Premium sexting is a way to get what you want fast. Most adult content creators offer sexting services, and it’s as easy as clicking a button. 


  • Experience with kinks, fetishes, and fantasies.

You may have found a partner to sext, but is she in the mood? Does she share the same sexual quirks as you? Did she reject one of your more kinky offers?

Models who offer pay-to-sext are lenient, and they usually include a list of kinks and fetishes on their bio or tip menu. You don’t have to guess what she’s into. It’s right there in an easy-to-read format.

Also, her experience with the kink or fetish could introduce you to something new and sexy. She doesn’t have to fake it for your sake.


  • No strings attached sexting

When two people spend a lot time getting to know each other, things happen. This causes a lot of anxiety for people who just want to have fun. If things between you and your old texting partner, premium sexting might be the better option.

Professional adult content creators avoid catching feelings. They won’t start blowing up your phone asking where you’ve been or who you’re with. Outside of targeted messages to get you to come back for a fun time, they most likely won’t bother you. 


  • Note: If you’re looking to build a relationship, paid sexts aren’t the right call.

On the other hand, there is the possibility for you to catch feelings. No strings attached goes both ways. It’s okay to foster a genuine connection to boost the fantasy, but it shouldn’t be taken too far. If you’re going to use pay-to-play adult sites, the professionalism goes both ways. 

How to Use OnlyFans to Sext Online

One of the top paid websites for a quick sexting session is OnlyFans. While it’s common for users to subscribe, scroll, and log off; there’s the possibility to get more out of your subscription.


When it comes to It’s easy to use, and popular, and most women on the site offer free or paid sexts. You can initiate, and they’ll immediately get the message. No bullshit or beating around the bush; send a quick xxx message any of your favorite OnlyFans girls.


However, a strong fear exists in many members. They’re worried that the model isn’t who she says she is, and it’s a possibility. It’s common for OnlyFans girls with huge followings to hire management companies or assistants to answer their messages. Soon, I’ll show you ways to bypass your fears and prove you’re speaking to the real model.


If OnlyFans isn’t your thing, read about more options below.

SextPanther: The Fast Sexting Site With Real Pornstars

Plenty of xxx websites let you sext online. But, it’s about finding the quickest, best session for your money. For example, my favorite site is SextPanther where I share my naughty fantasies with other horny members.


On SextPanther, you and the model (usually a popular pornstar!) share texts, videos, audio, and pictures. It’s great for getting in touch with highly desired women whose inboxes are flooded due to their popularity.

When you deliver a message on SP, you get to the top of an SP creator’s DM’s for fast replies, and she sees that you’re serious about her.

Learn more about how to approach models on SextPanther.

Fiestry profile on SextPanther reads: 24 & 5’3 switch ❗️ SIZE QUEEN❗️big tits & a big ass. Cucks, betas, human wallets, and losers are welcome to test their luck 🤭 Dirty talk, playful & mean teasing, roleplay, SPH, CEI, JOI, cheating fantasy, chastity, edging 😈 Love to chat & send audio. 👅 Custom videos & dick ratings OPEN. Add me & send a message now.

Why do I consider SextPanther to be a great option for a quick, dirty chat? Every piece of media that is shared, you get to keep. If you like to collect nudes or xxx videos, they stay on your account forever. Unlike Snapchat, you get to look back on your old nudes and enjoy them forever.

The majority of the pornstars and camgirls are fetish and kink friendly too. I’m included in that list. I love the freaks; they’re the most fun.


Every camgirl, pornstar, and adult content creator is a 100% verified model via ID. They also need a decent social media following for approval. For example, they approved me (I assume!) because of my RedGifs Creator of the Month title, as well as my decent following on Twitter, Chaturbate, and ManyVids. Because of those rules, there’s a higher ratio of real adult stars on SextPanther, compared to other pay to sext websites.


To me, that makes it one of the best sexting sites for men with particular fetishes, nude collectors, and casual chatters.

How to Prove She’s a Real Pornstar on SextPanther

As far as I know, few girls use management agencies on this pay-to-sext site. While *I* personally, don’t, I can’t speak for everyone. Here are some ways to prove that she’s real:

  • Ask her for an audio message saying your username
  • Request a homemade “in-the-moment” clip
  • Ask her for custom porn
  • Hop in a phone sex session or video call
  • Relax, and realize that 100% of the horny girls on SP are ID verified (it’s the law) and ready for you.

Do Verified Models Use Other Sexting Sites?

While SextPanther is a place to reach me fast, I also sext on LoyalFans. Most other models and I allow subscribers to message for free. In this case, it may be a cheaper option for committed sexters.
If you don’t want a premium subscription just to send a sext online, most LoyalFans creators allow their free followers to chat. Whatever your preference, there’s an option out there catered for you.
Fiestry LoyalFans profile with exclusive FemDom content at a premium subscription

Do You Recommend Other Sexting Sites?

While SextPanther is one of the best sexting websites, I have heard of others. Some I can recommend, and others I have no experience. I will not recommend a site that I’m inexperienced with, but I can point you in the right directly. However, they all seem trustworthy if you’re concerned about privacy.
(Reminder: Trustpilot is your friend.)

Using ManyVids for Premium Sexting

Selling sexting services on ManyVids is less popular, but it’s possible. You can navigate to an MV Girl’s Items Store if you want to check for what she offers. I’ve only sexted a handful of guys there, so I’m not sure if that should be your first choice.

Arousr, Adult Friend Finder, and Jerkmate

When it comes to other sexting websites, I’ve personally never signed up for them. I’m unsure of their user experience or how guys feel about them. However, I am adding their names here just in case they interest you.
You might see something you like, who knows!

Live Camgirls Ready to Sext Now

Do you want to elevate your xxx messaging? Live cams support 100% anonymous sexting online, and you physically see exactly who you’re talking to.
While live cams aren’t specifically for sending sexts online, finding the right camgirl is life-changing. I suggest finding a room with fewer viewers, so you get the benefit of one-on-one attention.
There is an option on every live camsite to take the women to a private session. While she does her naughty thing, you can put dirty words in her chatroom to encourage her.
My favorite site is Chaturbate. As a camgirl, I love entertaining a room full of guys, but I don’t mind if one takes me to private. The one-on-one feels more intimate, and it’s sexier that way. It’s easier to focus on one guy’s kinks, and more fun to explore each other.
Watch live girls on Chaturbate here.

Models, Camgirls, Pornstars, and Content Creators; Sign up for SextPanther

If you’re interested in signing up for SextPanther as a model, pornstar, camgirl, or content creator; click my referral link. It doesn’t take any money out of your pocket, but it is a simple way to tell me thank you for the suggestion. 🙂

Keep in mind: SP wants you to have a good adult-oriented following before they’ll accept you. If you’ve grown a social media, OnlyFans, PornHub, or other adult website; you should good approved. However, sometimes they reject people for reasons unknown. I’m happy to discuss it with you before you sign up.