Are you a SextPanther newbie who’s overwhelmed? There are so many beautiful SextPanther models waiting for you to make your move.

But, if you never send that first message, the conversation won’t start flowing. Talk to her with confidence by learning the right way to approach SextPanther models.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to sext real adult content creators with confidence.

How to Sext Real PornStars, Camgirls, and Adult Content Creators on SextPanther

As of this blog post, over 12,000 of the hottest creators own an account on SextPanther. If you want to grab their attention, you have to stand out.Β 

We creators get hundreds of messages that aren’t necessarily serious. So, it’s easy to overlook one-word replies or “hi”. Standing out is as simple as properly introducing yourself, being honest with your expectations, and being fun to talk to.

SP is a great site to text video chat with female and male creators, and get to know your favorite pornstars.

It’s been my favorite adult website for the last year. And, I’m confident you’ll say the same.Β 

First, start by reading her profile. The majority of sexters fail to pay attention to a creator’s bio. It’s an easy way to avoid asking for things that she doesn’t offer. Also, plan your budget around her premium messaging, figure out how much it costs to send and receive pictures, etc.

The SextPanther profile of FemDom Goddess Fiestry. Her description reads: "24 & 5’3 | curvy Goddess πŸ’‹ all natural beauty deserves to be Worshipped β€” Edging like a dumb gooner strokeslut makes you weak for me | Cucks get the treatment πŸ”’ πŸ† they deserve | Dirty talk roleplay, humiliation, CEI, JOI, cheating, chastity | Sexting, personal video, & audio replies β€” $ends to please your favorite Goddess 🫢🏼 Begin LIVING your fantasy. Chat with me πŸ‘‡πŸΌ"

Her SextPanther bio will have everything you need to know. Whether you pay to sext the FemDom goddess of your dreams, or want a casual girlfriend experience; it all starts with the bio. 

Adding her to your contacts is easy. You click one button, and she’s all yours. Depending on her style, she might message you first to welcome you, or she’ll wait for you to make the first move. Either way, you have to add her if you want to chat with a real pornstar. 

Here’s where it gets case-by-case. Sexting women might seem intimidating, but I try my best to make every shy guy comfortable.

Before we chat, I ask my new contact adds about their kinks or fetishes. That lets me see why they’re open to premium sexting and what content they’d like to see.

Really, it’s okay to be honest.

Basically, don’t leave me guessing and wondering what your kinks, fetishes, and interests are.

Give her a little introduction, include your likes and dislikes, and tell her what turns you on. It’s that simple.

Most of the models on SextPanther are seasoned creators with a decent following. If she’s good (and she probably is), she’ll understand exactly what to do next. 

How to Prove You’re Sexting a Real Pornstar?

Many men fear chatting with an imposter or a catfish. While that’s reasonable, it’s less likely on a premium chat service like SextPanther. Every creator is verified by ID and social media.

You’re talking toΒ exactly who you think you are.

  • Ask her for an audio message featuring her voice.
  • Ask her to send a video saying your name or username.
  • If her premium video chats or phone sex line is open, call her.
  • Spend time getting to know her rather than jumping straight into a sexy session.

SextPanther is a *Premium* Sext Service for Real Fans of the Models

Most adult content creators, pornstars, and camgirls get hundreds, if not thousands, of messages per day. That’s impossible for one person to sort through, and I personally won’t even try.

When somebody texts me via SextPanther, they have my full attention. I see that they value my time, and I reward them by giving them the sexiest experience imaginable.

Every fan wants to chat with pornstars and content creators, but think of it this way. What value would private messaging me have if I replied to every free message?

Not only is it impossible, but it’s not a exclusive experience. Pay to sext helps me differentiate who’s a fan vs. a freeloader. Therefore, only my true fans get access to me, and SP’s one of only two places to talk to me.

Keep this in mind. If your budget is too short to chat with your favorite pornstar, that’s okay. In short, there are plenty of options for low budgets.

If you can’t pay for premium sexting, try these options instead:

Before You Pay to Sext Women, Read the SextPanther TOS

Rules are boring and frustrating, but there are a few important ones to follow. Whether that’s the SextPanther Terms of Service or a model’s own rules, you have to follow them.

Recent Updates to SextPanther’s Terms of Service:

As of December 11th, 2023, SextPanther changed their code of conduct.

Here are the updates that both models and users should follow. This is the best way to avoid being banned or blocked by the sexting site or by models themselves.

SextPanther models are not allowed to…

SextPanther Rules:

We as models are required to report users who insist on breaking SextPanther TOS.

Most of my clients are casual messagers, cucks, submissive men, or one-off sexters. All of that is totally fine. However, I do get a rulebreaker every once in a while, and I have to end our texting session early.

  • Don’t harass or bully anyone.
  • No asking for anything illegal.
  • Asking to go offsite for chatting or payment (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) 
  • Models can’t accept CashApp, Venmo, or PayPal.
  • Avoid discussing meetups.
  • Scroll SP’s full TOS for detailed information.

SextPanther Model Code of Conduct:

More examples of forbidden actions not allowed in the SextPanther Terms of Service Agreement.
An list of forbidden actions not allowed in the SextPanther Terms of Service Agreement.
An example of actions not allowed in the SextPanther Terms of Service Agreement.No: - Extreme BDSM - Threats of violence or harm (to others or to yourself) - Doxing

The models on SP also have strict rules in the TOS that they need to follow. The Code of Conduct lists every service that they aren’t allowed to offer.

There are no ways around the Code of Conduct. If they get reported or randomly audited by SextPanther, their account could get suspended or banned.

If you ask for something that breaks the TOS, you’re putting their account at risk. Don’t be selfish; follow the terms of service.

Start with questions and getting to know the model before sexting. You can ask:

  • What are your boundaries or limits?
  • What do you love in a sext session?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do on SextPanther?
  • For FemDom Goddesses: How can I please you, Goddess?
  • Tipping, unlocking her Feed, and showing genuine interest makes all the difference.

A model’s rules vary, depending on her comfort level. I can only use myself as an example because of this.

I am comfortable with most things, as long as they’re legal, consensual, and in line with SextPanther TOS. What I love to do is written on my profile, and going by that list of naughty kinks puts you in my good graces automatically.

Mostly, I switch between girlfriend experience and FemDom. I’m happy under those categories for any horny man who’s looking for paid sexting. But, I am quite diverse and always willing to try a sexy new fantasy.

That’s why I describe myself as fetish-friendly. The filthier, the better. 

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Curvy FemDom Goddess Fiestry in lingerie. It is a selfie of her looking at the camera as she beckons you to beg her for more.

Did I help you figure out how to make your first move? Good, I like my men confident and happy to please.

When you’re ready, log on to and start chatting. I’m available. *wink*

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