Curiosity killed the cat (but satisfaction brought it back). Has being a male sub been at the front of your mind? Perhaps you’re aware of your submissive nature, or maybe you want to explore it. Here’s a quick guide on how to research, approach, and serve an online Domme.

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What Is Female Domination?

Straight from the mouth of Wikipedia,

” Female dominance is a BDSM activity in which the dominant partner is female.”

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That’s simple enough. The woman dominates, and the man submits. However, that’s only an introduction. The online Domme world is a complicated, huge community with many types of male subs. 

Joining our gigantic community is daunting, but hundreds of thousands of male subs make their way into our space. You can be one too, and here’s how. 

How to Find a FemDom Online Who Shares Your Kinks?

Exactly like vanilla relationships, Dommes have rules, boundaries, and dealbreakers. She is not a vending machine for you to dispense coins into and receive what you want on a whim. 

If you have trouble dating in the vanilla world, BDSM is going to be just as hard. 

In your search for an online Domme, here are your options:

  • Pay-to-Play fetish websites
  • Twitter, Reddit, and other social media
  • Kinky dating sites
  • FetLife
  • Google

Knowing what you want will make the search easier. What’s your biggest kink? Humiliation, CBT, ignore, findom, chastity, edging? You have to know. Not every online FemDom caters to your fetish. 

Don’t know exactly what gets you going? That’s okay! Start by being useful and sending a tribute to the women who interest you. Once you prove yourself, she’ll more than likely be happy to help you explore. 

How Should Male Subs Approach an Online Domme?

Approaching is so easy, yet the illiterate betas make it so difficult. Most online Dommes display their rules right on their profiles. Whether that’s social media, a personal website, or a paysite; the answer is probably right in front of you.

To approach respectfully, expect to:

  • Pay tribute.
  • Discuss your desires, likes, and dislikes.
  • Be prepared to serve.

The type of services depends on the Domme, but there’s one universal language that’s easy to understand. Money. If you think you are capable of being useful in other areas, ask the one who’s in charge. She’ll steer you in the right direction. 

Fiestry LoyalFans pinned post, the very first post that viewers see before browsing her page. It reads, "FemDom Goddess or Insatiable Succubus? Find Out on My LoyalFans 😉 Pretty succubus girls with big tits will ruin you. I’m living proof. What to expect: 🩶 Free to Follow ♥️ Free DM’s for subscribers 🩶 10% off my XXX video store for subscribers ♥️ Exclusive FemDom Goddess content **I don’t post like this *anywhere* else.** 🩶 Daily new posts ♥️ Nudes, Audio, Extended Porn Previews 🩶 My best premium porn in my clipstore ♥️ Tasks on a whim 🔒 Subscribe to succumb to your depravity. 🔒"

Serving virtual Dommes to me means:

  • Opening up your wallet
  • Engaging with and sharing social media posts
  • Linking to her paysites on your Twitter or Reddit, etc.
  • Writing testimonials, praises, great reviews, and more.
  • Using your skills to help her. 

Also, the burden of proof is on you. Take a little initiative. Where can you be of service to her? If you ask her, the answer will probably be a tribute or some other paid services.

Are you eager to serve in other ways? *List what makes you useful, and be prepared to follow through.* We’re powerful women, but we’re not mind readers. 

Why Approach on the Internet Instead of in-Person Meets?

Be serious for a second. We both know you’re-

  • married
  • afraid
  • slammed with work and other responsibilities
  • live 1000 miles away from the hottest FemDom Goddess on the planet.

The internet approach is better for beginners and experienced male submissives with a lot on their plate. Resisting your submission kink is futile. Why wait for the off chance that a Goddess will favor you in person? (lmao)

Kill your ego because it has no place here. Be real with yourself, and start serving Dommes online. The more you procrastinate, the later you’ll have to start. 

My Favorite Adult Sites for FemDom Online

Finding submissive men became 1000 times easier once I found these. Other Dominant women on these adult sites feel the same. The male subs seem to enjoy it too, so I’m encouraging you to sign up.

Subscribe to a Domme on LoyalFans

Loyalfans is the best fansite for male subs to find kinky Dominant women. Every fetish under the sun is loud and proud. You get to explore your kinks, discover things about yourself, and get personal with real Dommes.

FemDom Goddess Fiestry on LoyalFans profile

Here’s how it works:

  • Free to Follow Most Models
  • Premium Subscription (prices vary)
  • Direct Messages, Photo and Video Sharing, etc.
  • Scroll Her Feed
  • Watch Live Shows
  • Have fun, and explore your fetishes.

Want to learn more? Read my LoyalFans review. When you feel ready, read my rules and subscribe.

Sext Female Dommes on SextPanther

Thanks to SextPanther, I got into Female Domination in the first place. I was hesitant to do at first, but I realized that it is for me. So many male subs approached and begged for humiliation, true submission, and to be cucked. Once I tried it, I never looked back.

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SextPanther is unique from other adult sites. Instead of being porn-centric or showing free live camgirls, it’s focused on sexting, one-on-one phone calls and video calls. Male subs who prefer intimacy enjoy it more than other pay-to-play sites.

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Buy Fetish Clips on Clips4Sale

Looking for fetish porn? Clips4Sale is the best clipsite for all kinks, fetishes, and filthy freaks. It’s my favorite website to upload my most depraved ideas for my male subs. The cucks, betas, losers, and finsubs come running every time I upload. Will you be one of them?

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Join the Best Community for FemDom Clips on iWantClips

At first glance, iWantClips seems simple and clean. But, when you go down the rabbithole of kinky FemDom depravity, you’ll be in for a treat. It’s the best clip store for FemDom videos with endless categories to fit every taste.

Some of the top FemDom categories on iWantClips include:

  • Homewrecker
  • Cuckold
  • Bi Encouragement
  • FinDom
  • Jerk Off Instructions
  • Humiliation
  • and so much more. 

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Are You Ready to Serve?

Adult model fiestry in a white lace bra with cleavage showing

Of course you are. The submissive man in you can’t fathom a life without your Goddess. When you’re ready to show your dedication, I’ll be here. Don’t keep me waiting too long. I’m impatient.

Here’s the best way to start with me.

1.) Subscribe to This Blog.

2.) Reach out on LoyalFans or SextPanther.

3.) Be prepared to prove yourself.