Welcome, Guest Bloggers

Thank you for considering a guest post opportunity on Fiestry’s blog. Read the rules, and when you’re ready, fill out the contact form with your inquiry.

The Basics of Guest Post Submission:

Relevance Matters:

– I welcome content from creators, bloggers, and brands who share a similar niche. That includes:

  • FemDom
  • BDSM
  • Adult Content Creation
  • A Passion for Kink
  • Content for a Male-Centric Audience
  • Advice for Adult Content Creators

Anything related to these core values is welcome.

Value Over Advertising

My community values a personal touch and an authentic perspective. That includes useful tips, genuine entertainment, kink education, and anything of value for this particular kind of audience.

Visuals are highly recommended.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Exposure to My Audience and Search Results

By contributing a guest post to Fiestry’s Blog, you get direct exposure to my audience, allowing you to connect with potential followers, readers, or customers interested in your brand.

Collaborating with my platform gives bloggers an opportunity for your content to be indexed by search engines, increasing your visibility on Google. A link back to your blog shows the search engine that we are related and relevant to each other. This exposure grows your online presence and brand recognition.

Backlinks to Your Website or Social Media

To show my thanks, I provide backlinks to your website or social media profiles within the guest post. I also have a “Useful Sites” and “Free Porn Advice” page, where I will happily add your banner.

This not only directs our audience to your blog or social media, but also benefits your website’s SEO by showing Google that we are related.

Link Back to Show Your Experience With Writing

I strongly suggest linking back to your published guest post on to showcase your experience to potential clients or brands.

I never delete guest articles. Unless you want me to take it down, it’s here forever. So, consider it a perfect addition to your writing portfolio, or a long-term investment in your advertising strategy.

Guest Blog Submission Guidelines

Topic Proposal

We’re both busy people, and timewasting means losing money. I only require a brief topic proposal that outlines the key points in your future article.

It’s unlikely that I’ll reject your proposal, unless it’s irrelevant to my blog. If you truly feel like you can bring a new perspective to my audience, there’s a 99% chance that I’ll be on board with what you propose.

Who’s the Most Welcome on Fiestry’s Blog as a Guest Blogger?

I encourage submissions from:

Similar Adult Content Creators –

  • FemDom and BDSM
  • Clip Creators on iWantClips, Clips4Sale, FapHouse, and LoyalFans.
  • Creators on Twitter or Instagram
  • New and experienced are both welcome

Brands (please be reputable and trusted in the community) –

  • Safe Sex Toys
  • Adult Paysites
  • Sex Worker Safety
  • BDSM and Kink Safety
  • Community Outreach

Erotica Writers

  • Erotica is hot. Welcome!
  • If you’d like to share your sexy story, you’re welcome to do it here.
  • Keep the target audience in mind.

Webmasters (please be reputable and trusted) –

  • Adult Websites
  • Adult Blogs

If you’re not on this list but still believe you’re relevant to my blog, feel free to enter a query into the contact form anyway.

Original and Valuable Content Over Trends

I strongly prefer original content, and plagiarism won’t be accepted. Ensure your guest post is not published elsewhere and exclusively written for blog.fiestry.com.

Word Count Requirements

As long as the topic is well-written, it can be anywhere from 300 words to 2000. The sweet spot depends on similar articles, which I suggest researching before writing your piece.

If you’d like for me to add my personal opinions (which my fans value and trust) to increase the word count, please state that in your submission.

Once again, visuals are highly recommended.

My audience includes a strong preference towards visuals, and they’re hungry for images, videos, etc. Please include anything that catches the eye in your post if possible. If not, I may add my own.

Author Bio and Social/Paysite Links Are Welcome

Include a brief author bio and links to your platforms or website. It’s a great way for my audience to connect with you.

Editing for Clarity and SEO; Including Relevant Links

I believe in enhancing every piece for the best reader experience. When I accept your submission, I may edit it for clarity and SEO without compromising the core message of your writing.

I value collaboration and aim to present your content to Google and my audience in the way that benefits the two of us the most.

If you’d like a “final approval” of my edits before it publishes, feel free to ask.

Meet My Target Audience

  • Men
  • 21 – 55
  • Single or Married
  • Have Jobs
  • Well-Read
  • Hungry for BDSM and Kink knowledge
  • Hungry for Fiestry *wink*
  • Either new to the kink community, or experienced and understands exactly what they want
  • Either in their “research phase” before buying, or are active buyers
  • Have accounts on iWantClips, LoyalFans, Clips4Sale, and my other platforms
  • A strong dedication towards powerful women
  • Passionate about their hobbies
  • Enjoys tasks and subservience
  • Enjoys feeling useful to FemDom creators
  • Desperate for the attention of a Goddess
  • Ready to please in any way possible

How to Submit a Guest Article

1. Fill Out the Contact Form

I don’t want to waste your time. Simply fill out the contact form and propose your topic. Be as detailed as you think it’ll take for me to understand your proposal.

More than likely, reading these rules will give you the perfect idea for what I need. So, it’s likely that I’ll love what you say and want to collaborate ASAP.

2. Review Process

After I review your proposal, you begin writing the guest blog. Send it to me via the email that I provide after you fill out the contact form.

Please allow 48 hours for topic approval and up to 1 week for the final product to be approved and published. If you request that I send you my edits for clarity and SEO before publishing, it may take longer.

If it seems like it’s taking a while, your email may have gotten lost. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me again to see what’s taking so long.

Sponsorships, Feature Articles, and Advertisements

Does your core message revolve around a sponsorship or advertisement? The rules are a little different. A purely sponsored post that doesn’t revolve around direct value to my audience requires payment.

The difference in a sponsored post vs. a guest post.

Sponsored Posts Are:

  • Obvious advertisements within a blogging platform.
  • Encourage viewers to purchase a service or a product.
  • Are not a direct endorsement from me.
  • Promotes a brand, product, or service for the purpose of encouraging users to shop.
  • Requires you to pay me for the advertising opportunity.

Guest Posts Are:

  • A free way to share traffic
  • A way to show off your writing skills or other relevant skills
  • Provide valuable and free content in hopes that readers take interests in you
  • A collaboration between two creators, much like video collabs
  • A networking opportunity between two creators
  • Free to anyone with a relevant topic.

My Price Structure for Sponsorships, Feature Articles, and Advertisements

1 well-written article + newsletter share written by me.

  • $250 per article

An article + newsletter + 3 Twitter shares written by me

  • $500 per package

Written by you, edited and SEO’d by me.

  • $150 per article

An article + newsletter + 3 Twitter shares written by you, edited and SEO’d by me.

  • $300 per package.

I look forward to your submission. Once again, thank you for considering writing a guest blog for Fiestry.