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What Is a Dick Rating?

A dick rating is exactly what it sounds like. You send me a picture of your cock, and I rate it 1-10 in a video or text.

My content is personal and detailed. You get the full experience and know everything that I’m thinking. From the moment I see it, you’re getting my honest opinion.

It’s supposed to be sexy, fun, and erotic for you and me.

My base rate is $25.

Topless adds +$20.

Special requests or extras may change the price.

Types of Dick Rates

I offer the following types of dick ratings for my fans:

  • Honest Cock Rating
  • SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)
  • Watch your cum tribute
  • Topless Video Rate

Add a comment in my form for a special request.

  • Outfit request
  • Time request – over 2 minutes
  • Show your cock while I film
  • Masturbate / touch myself
  • Compare you to another cock.

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