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Intro to Goon - thumbnail to video by Goddess Fiestry.

Intro to Gooning – ASMR Mindfuck

Price: $12.99

Length: 11 minutes

Description: Walking you through how to goon for Goddess Fiestry makes your mind week. Your curiosity was innocent. Now, you’re a mindslave to your FemDom gooning addiction.

A thumbnail created by FemDom Goddess Fiestry titled "The Price of Desperation - Pay Up or I'll Leave", a video addressing finsubs being taken advantage of by their mean ex FinDom girlfriends

The Price of Desperation – Mean Ex-Girlfriend FinDom/FemDom

[Coming Soon]

Price: $24.99

Length: 12 minutes

Description: Lonely nights can be dangerous. You should’ve known better than to call your mean ex-girlfriend. But, you thought she’d give you some company. Now, you’re a literal human wallet. You tribute. She humiliates you.

Meaner - a FemDom clip created by Goddess Fiestry. It shows her extra verbally humiliating side as she tells the tale of a man with a small dick, and why he cannot satisfy her sexually.

Meaner – Beta Small Penis Humiliation

Price: $17.99

Length: 13 minutes

Description: Warning: Your ego is at risk. Turn back before your feelings are forever ruined. Every insult in my arsenal is spewed at you with contempt, disappointment, and an overwhelming urge to hurt your annoying male ego.

A video thumbnail created by FemDom Goddess Fiestry titled "Remember Why You're Locked". It addresses male chastity slaves who enjoy being cuckolded by hot women who have more sex than them.

Remember Why You’re Locked – Cuck in Chastity Tease

Price: $9.99

Length: 6 minutes

Description: Your cock is a crime against humanity.

A thumbnail created by the curvy Succubus Fiestry titled "Gooner Edging Bootcamp JOI", a jerk off instructions FemDom clip for gooners to enjoy.

Gooner Stroke Addict – Edging JOI

Price: $17.99

Length: 16 minutes

Description: Last time, I melted your brain. This time, I want to give you hot, gooner jerk-off instructions. You’ll stroke, and pump, and fuck your hand in any way I please.

Curvy FemDom Goddess Fiestry in her new video thumbnail titled "Edge With Me JOI" - It is a jerk off instructions video for submissive men to follow along while they touch themselves.

Edge With Me – FemDom Edging JOI

Price: $16.99

Length: 16 minutes

Description: How long can you hold your orgasm? The correct answer is, for as long as I want you to.