I’m so thankful that I have an audience who enjoys what I create.

I’m also thankful for the good boys who strive every day to make my day. <3

PNG of Goddess Fiestry censored in an advertisement of her website. She is wearing red lingerie with a glowing red cutout surrounding her.

This December, I expected things to be slow. They always are. But, I formed a few new relationships this year. After meeting my most loyal subs this year, I’ve been a very pampered Goddess.

You don’t need a thank you. You know that I deserve it. I’m sure it’s nice to hear, though. 😉

An advertisement by curvy FemDom Goddess Fiestry. Her nipples are censored with the word "subscribe". She is wrapped in a towel but pushing up the cleavage of her big tits.

Quick Update:

I’m resting my mind and body for the next few days. I’ve filmed, uploaded, chatted, and posted my heart out. It’s time for Goddess to enjoy the fruits of her labor and relax.