2023 was a brilliant year for me.

Every goal that I gave myself, I smashed through it with flying colors. I have my subs to thank for some of it. They reached out, asked what they could do to make my life easier, and followed through when the time came.

There’s nothing hotter than that. <3

My goal is to make 2024 even better. Less stress. More fun.

Let’s talk about it~

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A Quick 2023 Recap

What were my hits this year? My favorite posts, videos, achievements, etc.?

Here’s a quick recap.

On iWantClips:

A Beginner’s Guide to Gooning for Goddess

I wasn’t expecting this video to be such a hit. Gooners go hard. Pun intended.

Girlfriend Wants a Bi Cuck Boyfriend

All bi cucks want to be seduced into sucking cock. It’s only natural. Why should I get on my knees when I have a perfectly good cuckold to do it for me?

Cucky Cum Addict by Goddess Fiestry, a thumbnail of her video for cocksucking cucks to learn how to eat warm loads

Earn Your Orgasm

The last JOI of the year was a total hit. You boys ate this one alive and left no crumbs. I’m cooking something new for you soon, you hungry little things. 😉

On LoyalFans:

Accept Your Fate – Chastity Sentence Porn for Cucks

I didn’t expect this one to be so popular. But, something about me makes a man want to sell his soul and lock his cock.

Brainless for Big Tits Jerk Off Instructions

You <3 losing your mind for me. My tits are literally perfect in this video. It drives you pathetic gooners wild.

Brainless for Big Tits Jerk Off Instructions - a thumbnail for Goddess Fiestry's hottest JOI available on iWantClips, Clips4Sale, and LoyalFans

Loyalty Test JOI

You would never cheat on your girlfriend… until you’re in a room with me. Oops!

On Clips4Sale:

What’s popular on iWantClips is also popular on Clips4Sale. I suppose that I can find gooners, cucks, and simps anywhere. I think that it’s proof of concept; those videos are perfection. *mwah*

View my Clips4Sale Store.

I grew a lot this year. While I doubled my fans and earnings last year, they actually tripled/quadrupled in 2023. Here are some of my stats.

Custom Videos and Ratings

  • 2022, I filmed 50 custom vids.
  • 2023, I filmed 150 customs
  • My dick ratings double this year, especially SPH.

Premade Videos

  • I created my first 100 videos in 2022.
  • In 2023, I filmed 42 longer FemDom clips and tripled my sales.
Previews of Fiestry's best adult content in July 2023

Chats and Sexts – SextPanther

  • I sent over 4000 texts on SextPanther in 2023.
  • Let’s double that next year. 😉
  • My highest rank on SextPanther was top 50, and I typically sit around 300-600.
  • Last year, I had 100 contacts on SextPanther. In 2023, I now have over 700.


I joined LoyalFans in August, and it’s grown exponentially. My first month, I had a couple dozen followers. Skip to December, and I’m sitting just below 180.

My subs truly are loyal. Once they subscribe, 90% of them stick around. I must be doing something right~

  • 500 posts for subscribers to instantly unlock.
  • 54 full videos and counting.
  • I sit between the top 6% and 10%, depending on the month.

Listing My 2024 Goals: FemDom, Self-Improvement, Stability

My main New Year’s goal is to buy my first house. Or at the very least, I want to start the search for one and be serious about it.

I’m not trying to rush my way through life. I would be happy renting, but my landlords keep raising the damn rent. Not by just a little; I had a 22% rent increase this year.

I love to save money.

Cash back, interest, dividends, Roth IRA; I’m obsessed with watching it grow. This year, every dollar I earned had the potential to increase +17% and compound…. until it was eaten up by that 22% yearly rent increase.

After all of that work, my passive (not active) earnings are deflating by -5% instead of increasing as they should be. That’s such bullshit.

I refuse to play that game anymore.

Hence, why I’ve decided to purchase a house.

I want to be able to save and inflate my (“your”) money peacefully. I do not want the effort I put towards earning passively to go to a landlord.

That’s My Big New Year’s Goal. Here Are My Smaller Ones.

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  1. This year, I created around 250 videos. Next year, I want to make that at least 300, but I’m shooting for 325-350.
  2. Make more connections in the adult industry.
  3. As of 2023, I have one award and one major feature. I’d like to work towards more recognition.
  4. Create a dedicated studio in my (hopefully) new home.
  5. Acquire an SEO and/or webmaster sub.
  6. Have a handful of subs sending daily, weekly, or monthly tributes.
  7. In 2023, I went on 3 vacations. Starting 2024, I’d like to make that 5+ vacations. More rest and relaxation is always needed.
  8. At the end of this year, I started creating a kinky community. So far, there are thousands of faceless readers and a few dozen of you on my email list. I’d like to keep growing this blog to see where it takes me.
  9. Make my content more personal and creative. I enjoy showing my true self in my videos, captions, pictures, and interactions.
  10. My first $3000 send.
  11. Make social media 20% of my traffic, and make this blog + other sources 80% of my traffic. (I really dislike social media.)

Showing Love to My Lovely Subs~

Female Domme Fiestry behind her kinky curtain. She is in black and green lingerie, and it is a teasing photo of her cleavage.

I appreciate the time and dedication that you’ve put in. Worship is sexy, and devotion is even sexier.

I kept my Dominance private for most of 2023. When I decided to share my natural need to Dominant, it’s been 100% uphill for me. I have no one to thank but the men who enjoy being humiliated, brainfucked, indebted, and enslaved to me, their Goddess.

I wanted to address just how many lovely subs I’ve met this year. Yes, there were some flukes. But, the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve gotten overshadows that.

Read this post carefully. Dedicating your time and efforts to further my achievements is the way to serve me.