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Note: Serious inquiries only. I only offer the ability to truly serve me to my favorite submissives. I expect everyone who fills this application to follow through on their promises. Otherwise, you will lose access to me.

What to Expect From Goddess Fiestry.

By introducing yourself properly, you open the opportunity for play, service, and a better life under my control. You can’t be trusted to make sound decisions. I’m a much better decision maker anyway.

Tribute Required

Proving yourself is important. Do you give, or do you take?

Note: I have no set fee because I want you to show me how much true service is worth to you.

Do you have questions, or do you need help filling this application? After you tribute, feel free to contact me or ask on LoyalFans.

Apply Here

Name and/or Username
Age (21+)
What are your pronouns?
Where did you find Goddess Fiestry?
Give Me a Peak Into Your Personality

Where will we communicate?

What is your availability? (Dates, Times, etc.)
What are your interests, kinks, and fetishes?

Where will you shine in your ability to serve Goddess Fiestry?
Do you have any hard or soft limits? (For finsubs, how much are you able to send daily, weekly, or monthly?)
On what platforms are you available?

Have you ever served a Goddess before?
How frequently will we be in touch? (For finsubs, how frequently will you tribute?)
Would you like to introduce yourself? Go ahead.

Thank you for applying to submit to Goddess Fiestry. I will review your application and get back to you shortly.Did you fail to send a tribute? Don’t expect an answer.
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