As an adult content creator, diversifying platforms is essential. One day, I signed up for SextPanther to get paid to chat with men. That decision changed my career as a sex worker.

I’ll tell you how, plus give tips and tricks for new or current SextPanther models. 

Note: If you’re looking for paid sexting, you may be lost. Visit my official website, and add me for a chat. 


Hopefully, my story inspires you. I always try to include a unique perspective. My goal is to share advice for adult content creators to help beginners, those who need a refresher/revamp, or those struggling to make money. 


This is a highly detailed, longform post. 

If you’re in a rush, check out the table of contents and read what’s relevant to you.

Who Am I?

Call me Fiestry. (It’s pronounced fees-tree.) I started camming and creating content for the adult industry in 2018. Chaturbate was my main camming platform, and I occasionally uploaded to ManyVids.

Due to sex shame and being insecure with my body, I quit pretty early. Being raised puritanical did damage on my brain that I needed to heal. But, when I started sex work again in 2021, I returned with a plan.

On my break, I worked multiple marketing, writing, and SEO jobs. I got the experience outside of the adult industry. One day, I decided to apply that knowledge to sex work; and now I’m back and better than ever.


When I’m free, I log my experiences as a sex worker and present it as advice to others. This is one of those occasions. Enjoy!

Fiestry profile on SextPanther reads: 24 & 5’3 switch ❗️ SIZE QUEEN❗️big tits & a big ass. Cucks, betas, human wallets, and losers are welcome to test their luck 🤭 Dirty talk, playful & mean teasing, roleplay, SPH, CEI, JOI, cheating fantasy, chastity, edging 😈 Love to chat & send audio. 👅 Custom videos & dick ratings OPEN. Add me & send a message now.

Discovering Paid Sexting on SextPanther

I knew about SextPanther since 2018, but I did not sign up until 2022. Sexting wasn’t my thing, or so I thought. Now, it’s my second highest-earning service other than custom porn. 

My responsibilities with advertising and other adult sites were in the way, and I lacked the mental bandwidth for another one.

During one slow season on ManyVids and Chaturbate, I signed up to SextPanther. Now, I have lots of free time while I earn more money.


Adult Site Resources for Adult Content Creators


Before I dive into any new site, I do my research. I’ve joined enough to know what I need as an adult content creator. Joining a new site that’s a bad fit for me wastes my efforts and makes me lose money.


I’ll list the best sites for sex workers to research below. First, I ask myself the following questions:

  • Does the adult site have internal discoverability?
  • Is it safe to share my payment information with?
  • Are any top models or well-known names on it?
  • Do they pay creators in full without delay?
  • Do they have any controversy?
  • What kind of internal traffic do they have?
  • What rules are in the terms of service?


The answers to these questions are spread far and wide on the internet. But, I will post my favorite free resources right here.


Why I Don’t Recommend Googling Adult Content Creator Advice

When I search for resources, I try to keep my research specifically written by other sex workers. Since OnlyFans blew up, mainstream news outlets want to jump on the bandwagon.

My qualm with them is that they are not giving advice by adult content creators. They just know how to game Google to get high search rankings.

Popular news sites miss important details and present cookie-cutter information to benefit from ad revenue or referrals.


Why Sources Are Important When Searching for Adult Content Creator Advice

Remember how I said I was a writer and an SEO? I wrote posts for a handful of websites in the first Google search results. Because they paid me basically nothing, I spent little time researching.

Half of the time, I had zero experience with the subject. I’d just write something that I knew would rank well on Google. Almost 100% of the top results you’ll find are doing the exact same thing that I did. 


Are you a sex worker with a blog, social media, or forum who loves to share advice?

My goal is to protect creators from misinformation or being under-informed by going on deep dives; telling the good, bad, and ugly; and being as honest as possible.

The best adult content creator advice blogs are buried deep in the search results, and I won’t read a popular blog’s surface-level bandwagon “advice” with zero adult industry experience.

So, if you have any suggestions for this list of sex worker resources by sex workers, leave them in the comments! If the list gets long enough, I’ll link this article to another post with the masterlist. 


SextPanther Breach of Privacy Concerns

In the past, SextPanther had an issue with breaching adult content creator’s privacy. I wasn’t signed up to the premium sexting site at the time, but it seemed devastating. Leaking personal information is a huge concern for all sex workers. It shouldn’t be swept under the rug.


Apparently, SW’s drivers licenses and personal information were leaked. But, it seemed like an isolated fuck up on their part. First of all, the exposed information wasn’t labeled “SextPanther models’ drivers licenses and addresses, let’s dox these bitches.”


There’s more to the story.

The information was discovered by a penetration testing company. Their purpose revolves around protecting privacy by looking for leaks specifically to notify websites. It was not a malicious hacker.

After being informed of the leak, the CEO of SextPanther pulled the information offline. This is alleged, since he neither confirmed or denied that the stored information was SP models. (It probably was, but that’s my opinion. Also, some models from SP confirmed that it was their license when the security company contacted them.)

Read my source of information here. 


Here are the facts.

SextPanther was allegedly irresponsible with sensitive data. A security company found the flaw and notified them. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else saw the data or connected it to the models. Then, we can assume SP changed their data storage. Hopefully, they learned from their mistake.

To me, that’s the type of mistake that you only make once, but I wanted to be honest with my full SextPanther experience. I’d hate to recommend a new adult site, knowing that this could be an issue for someone. 

If SextPanther’s mishandling of sensitive data is a concern for you, I also have a LoyalFans review for adult content creators. 


How I monitor my privacy

I use a different email for all of my adult sites. So, I monitor if there are email leaks (leading to Spam emails). I’ve gotten no spam emails on my SextPanther email. I do get spam calls and texts on my phone, but don’t we all? I can’t blame SP for that one. 

Also, my name or address have never been leaked. (Knock on wood!) Leaks do happen, and it’s important to prepare. Start by shutting down your personal social media, removing your address from namefinder sites, and keeping a different password for every adult site.

Honeypots are also a good strategy in the event of leaks. Create accounts on social media or other websites with your real face, fake name, fake addresses, etc. Then, you send the hacker down the rabbithole of fakeness where they belong.

Here are some more privacy tips for sex workers.


How My Career Skyrocketed After SextPanther

My first month on SextPanther was during the winter. That’s a notorious slow season for sex workers. 


Since I’m a full-time creator, I rely on my earnings, savings, income, and investments to keep me afloat. When it’s slow, I have ways to boost my income, and one of those strategies is signing up for new sites.

SextPanther was next on my list, and I wish I’d signed up sooner. 


How I Grew on SextPanther

When you sign up to SextPanther, you get a “New Model” tag. Clients who want to pay to talk to pornstars love seeing the new models. So, you’re at an advantage when you’re new. 


It’s a habit of mine to live on a new adult site until the new tag is up. And, I always expect a decrease in earnings after it expires.

But, with the way SextPanther’s main page is set up, it’s easy to get seen without the new tag. That’s a big key to success. Active and chatting creators constantly pop up on the home page. New contact adds roll in, and the income snowballs. 


So, I sexted fans day and night. I prioritized new contact adds (which bit me in the ass later, I’ll admit! Regulars are the way.) and stayed consistent every day.

I earned my place entirely through paid chatting and sexting on SextPanther. At that point, I did not offer FemDom services, only vanilla girlfriend experience chatting. 


How My SextPanther Earnings Boosted My Brand

It was an almost immediate shift from struggling to pay bills, to consistently making the money I needed. By combining luck and hard work, I made enough to catch up on bills.

Then, I had the breathing room to grow my brand, relax, and start focusing on the important parts of sex work. Less advertising, more working.


Because I made enough to focus on my brand, my video quality increased. I felt comfortable charging more on ManyVids, grew my Twitter account, and eventually bought this domain.

All of these things contributed to what I call my “next level” as an adult content creator. 


How Much Do I Earn on From Sexting on SextPanther?

I don’t like posting my exact earnings. The sensationalism of sex worker’s money makes me uncomfortable.

Between newbies who think they’ll be an instant millionaire and news outlets who follow toxic trends, I like to keep my money private.


But, I will say that I earn enough money to:

  • Put money into savings, stocks, and investments
  • Have enough put away to not work for months
  • Pay my bills without worry
  • Take a few vacations a year
  • Buy whatever I want within reason
  • Venture into new projects without worrying about financial failure


As of this blog post, SextPanther is 60% of my earnings. When I first signed up in 2022, it was 80%+.

My SP money did not shrink; in fact, I’m earning more. But, I grew my other revenue streams in that year, hence the smaller percentage SP takes up. 


How Do I Get Paid to Chat Online?

99% of my SextPanther money comes from texting, sending photos, and audio messages. I rarely take video calls or do phone chats.

Mostly, I target customers who prefer to chat.

Here’s how:

  • I’m online when they’re at work (7am to 8pm EST)
  • I talk about sexting and SextPanther on Twitter
    • You’ll show up in the right customer’s algorithm.
  • I keep my chat prices low ($1.25 to $1.75) and my video call prices sky-high ($10 to $15).
  • I clearly put “I love sexting” on my bio.
  • On my Feed, I talk about the sexiest chats I’ve had. 
  • When a customer wants a video call, I tell them that I offer custom videos, dick ratings, audio messages, premade videos, and sexting.
    • Mostly, this keeps me from losing out on a sale. 


Why am I doing everything in my power to avoid video chats? They burn me out, and I hate them. End of story.

You’ll probably easily out-earn me if you offer them, and I’m happy for you! You do what works for you, and I’ll do what works for me. 


I don’t send mass messages.

For some reason, mass messages convert horribly. I don’t send them. Instead, I message every individual customer who’s online, and I message customers in my Favorites tab to remind them to come back. 

Making each message personalized is important. To do this, you learn more about your clients long term.

My first question is, “What are your kinks and fetishes?” Then, I dive deeper into their individual needs the longer we stay in touch.


I stay active.

When I log in, I have a routine:

  • Chatting
  • Posting to the SextPanther Explore Page
  • Changing my profile picture
  • Changing my tags
  • Messaging clients quickly and with relevance

SP likes activity. If you seem active, they’ll put you on the homepage.


I mind my ranking.

While ranking isn’t everything, it does matter on SextPanther. A high model rank does not matter to all customers. But, it makes certain customers feel like they’ll have a more satisfying experience.

With a high model rank, more contacts add you and engage with your posts. Also, you get to charge more and appear on the homepage more easily.


Time when you’ll be online and ready to sext fans.

On the 1st of every month, the SextPanther model ranking resets. That’s your cue to grind until it’s at a decent spot. Then, you should be set for the rest of the month if you stay consistent.

When my model rank does drop below 500, I try not to sweat it. We get busy, and we’re allowed to take breaks. I still make money with a lower model ranking, but I do have to work harder to get discovered.


Leveraging SextPanther for Sex Worker Success

I mentioned this before, but I’ll go more in depth.

Advertising took up 80% of my work, and I felt like I was getting nowhere. The energy to revamp my strategy was low due to being in survival mode.

Because SextPanther brought me ahead of the game with my earnings, I had breathing room. The freedom to venture into other projects put me in a great spot. Here’s what I’m doing so far.


Growing My Twitter:

Even though Twitter is up in the air (thanks, Elon), I’m prioritizing followers and conversions. It’s easy to create a few Tweets and replies, and leave it to grow. I use it as social proof to my potential fans. If they see that I’m active on Twitter, they trust me more as an adult content creator. 

Instead of grinding on Twitter to make money, I’m on a light schedule that fits my need.  Funny enough, being on Twitter a bit less and adding a few relevant posts helped my account grow much faster than a 24/7 grind.


Creating More Content:

Because SextPanther supplemented so much of my income, I felt comfortable creating more content. The more vids you create, the more traffic you bring. If you post often, that’s another solid stream of income.

Now, I create new videos 4 times per week. Then, I upload 3 of them on ManyVids, LoyalFans, FapHouse, and Clips4Sale.

The extra video, I store for a rainy day just in case I need a break. When I want a vacation, I schedule my extra videos. For as long as I’m gone, my passive income takes over. 


Using SextPanther contacts for new video ideas. 

Most of my best-selling video ideas came from SextPanther. Leveraging your contacts for inspiration is the perfect way to see what clients want. When you talk to them, they’ll usually tell you exactly what they like. Then, you get to take that and turn it into reality.


Buying My Domain and Blogging:

This is a new revenue stream for me, but I feel confident in it. Like I mentioned before, SEO and writing are my bread and butter. I have experience building websites from the ground up. 

I always knew that a website was necessary to grow, but I didn’t have the funds to start. As soon as I felt financially comfortable, I bought and created the subdomain

Now, I spend my free time writing blog posts or on other projects. I’m even getting paid to sext fans as I write; yay to multitasking.

I’ll eventually get traffic from Google (and already am!). I can take this anywhere I like, from ad revenue, to referral links, to advertising my content. Since I own the sites, I don’t have to worry about being banned. It’s more secure and a way to exponentially grow my brand.

Note: I’d love to collab with other blog-owning sex workers! Contact me, or visit my guest post page.


I get to try new adult sites without a dip in my earnings.

Before I started on SextPanther, I only signed up for new sites under one occasion. If it was slow, I’d venture into other ways of earnings. Now, I get to try new things without fearing a decrease in my earnings.

After feeling insecure on ManyVids, I decided to sign up for LoyalFans. I scheduled out about a month’s worth of posts and left it.

In that month, I hit the top 14% of adult content creators on LF. We love new revenue streams! 


What to Do During a Slow-Period on SextPanther?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Slow periods do happen, and you have to prepare for them.

Since this blog post centers around my personal experience, I’ll tell you what I do when it’s slow.


  • Get more active on Twitter.
    • Tag @SextPanther, and they’ll retweet you.
  • Post on PornHub and XHamster.
  • Create and upload *more* videos.
  • Change your work shift.
  • Message old contacts with great offers.
  • Try to sell video bundles.
  • Lower my prices or have a sale. 
    • OR
  • Raise my prices. (It can go either way!)
  • Check on what top models are doing.
  • Try a new niche (cuckold, SPH, roleplay, etc.)
  • Don’t post publicly that it’s slow for you.
    • You’re going to attract cheapskates and predators!
  • Take a break and let my brain rest.


How to Prepare for Slow Season for Adult Content Creators

Slow seasons shouldn’t catch you off guard. There are ways to survive the winter. If you’re struggling when there’s a dip everyone’s traffic, it might be time to revamp your strategy.

Here’s how I keep it cool during the slow season:

  • I have 3-6 months of bills saved.
    • My savings account has 5% interest.
  • I invest in stocks and dividends.
    • I get 7-10% yearly on my invested money.
  • Keep a backlog of fresh videos and nudes.
    • Post more frequently when it’s slow.
    • Have a new niche ready to go.
  • Sign up for a new adult site. 
  • Keep a list of regulars to message.


Try not to focus on it being slow. Just show up. I used slow periods as an excuse to not work, and it came back to bite me. When it’s “slow” for some, others are prospering. There’s always money to be made.

It’s okay to vent, but don’t use it as an excuse!

Engaging Fans and Building Connections

Other than LoyalFans, SextPanther is the only adult site I use to get paid to chat with fans. It protects me from burnout and helps me filter out timewasters.


Also, clients want to pay to talk to pornstars, camgirls, and popular creators. They love the exclusivity and opportunity for your attention. So, when I get the opportunity for a paid chat with a fan, I take full advantage of it.

I keep track of their preferences.

  • Do they prefer videos, audio, customs, ratings, etc.?
  • When are they online?
  • How often and how much do they tip?
  • What exactly gets them off?


Then, I create special content or texts based off of those preferences. Many times, they feel flattered that I remembered things about them. That’s the key to keeping a long-term client versus a one-off paid sexting session.

Would I Have Grown Without SextPanther?

I have no idea. My first instinct is to say no. The premium sexting site really helped me find my footing and launch my career.

I’ve seen real growth this year instead of being stagnant. Do I completely rely on it for money? No, I try to diversify as much as possible. But, it’s safe to say that they were my catalyst. 


Will SextPanther be your catalyst too? I hope so! I know that it was also lifechanging for my friend @SabrinnaScott and a couple of other adult content creators whom I’ve recommended SextPanther. 

SextPanther Model Referral Code

Hopefully, you learn from my experience and get your bag. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.


Did this article help you? Consider signing up to SextPanther via my referral code. It doesn’t take any money out of your pocket. But, SP does pay me 5% for every creator I refer. It’s not an obligation; just a small way to say thank you for the advice. 

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