I’m so excited~

In September, I set a goal for myself. I wanted more features, mentions, and general recognition in my community. So, I made that one of my New Year’s resolutions.

But, the opportunity came to me way before January 1st. Missy Martinez from Hustler Magazine put out a request for models, and I inquired. They decided to feature me and other lovely content creators in their New Year’s Sex-Olutions article.

What’s in My Hustler Interview?

I’m not supposed to post too much. It’s behind a paywall, and I respect Hustler’s need to make money. Plus, their subscription price isn’t expensive at all.

Here’s a little snippet:

Adult content creator Fiestry topless with her tongue out showing cleavage

My videos are going to be extra smutty in 2024, and I’m excited to show off my naughty

Quote from Goddess Fiestry in Hustler Magazine “New Year’s Sex-Olutions”

Thanks for including me, Missy Martinez!

2024 Goal: More Shoutouts, Features, Mentions, etc.

One of my personal goals is to get more features in 2024. I’m not trying to be a clout chaser. (As internet personalities, it comes with the territory.) My intentions are a bit different than that.

Social media is a dead end in my opinion. It’s hard for my fans, subs, and viewers to see me.

I want to participate in communities that are relevant to me. And, I want that participation to be valuable. ~I’m tired of screaming into the void.~

So far, it’s paying off. My biggest fans love my blog, enjoy my newsletter, and have fun on my paysites. For once, I feel like I’m reaching an audience that actually wants to see me.

My goals are set in stone. It’ll happen because I created that energy for myself. *mwah*

Counting the Fiestry Features


In 2023, LoyalFans mentioned me on their official Twitter page.

At the time, I hit top 6%. My fans went crazy with tips and subscriptions in November, and I had to celebrate. So, I reached out, and they were happy to give me a shoutout.

Goddess Fiestry in her Twitter shoutout on LoyalFans official page @realloyalfans. The caption reads "Charming, curvy, and kinky -- that's Fiestry in a nutshell. Come see what @Fiestry can offer your dirty mind."


Alongside LoyalFans, I also got a lovely shoutout from Clips4Sale. My influence is growing, and you’re watching it unfold~

Goddess Fiestry's shoutout on Clips4Sale official Instagram @c4s_creators. The caption reads, "My journey in the industry started in 2018. I took a long hiatus and regretted it; my need to be in sex-positive spaces is strong! I distanced myself from what I thought was mainstream and started creating content that *I* enjoyed. Almost 2 years later, and I wouldn't dream of another hiatus. I use clips as a creator outlet. Finding a community that shares my love for all things kinky is so rewarding. My biggest tip to other creators: Use the right keywords, and your biggest fans will be able to find you more easily - @naomithebonny."


I wonder what’s in store for 2024~ Only time will tell!

I’m grateful to my fans for jumpstarting my growth. And, I’m thankful to my subs for serving Goddess and making an effort every day to make my life perfect. *mwah*